March 2008

This is how my baby looked on the ultrasound.



yesterday i went to the midwife with my mom and dad and got to see pictures of my baby. i thought the pictures were good and the baby did funny dancing in mama’s tummy. it took a long time but i liked it.

here’s a picture of the baby:


i have a fever. it is 101.1F.

my baby is the size of a lime. i dont think the baby will be green though.


I’m dunna be a big brother! I like babies. Calder likes babies. I’m going to have one. Actually I want to have six babies (tell Beth, okay? I want six babies Beth).

Some names I like: Nice Guy, Nicey, Calder.

I’m going to write stories every week about my mama’s baby in her tummy.

Mom throws up sometimes. A lot of times. I think it’s gross. She takes naps a lot. She is 10 weeks.