well, it’s going to be up to me to break tradition (or Uncle Jherek). Daddy failed to make a baby girl [or succeeded in making a boy! — making it at least 350 years since there has been a girl in the Bischoff family line].

i’m happy. i want a brother. and so dO mom and dad [but daddy did want to be the one to buck tradition, just so he could say he did]. we like brothers in our family and i CAN’T WAIT to meet mine! i asked dad if we could take the baby out just for one minute but he said “no.”

here are some funny photos of Nice-guy Banana-Pants [dad tried to decode them for you]:

his profile

does that help?


he folded in half! he’s going to be an acrobat!


i think my brother thought it was pretty funny that he’s a boy. look at him laugh!