June 2008

I got so many fun toys at the Rotary Auction this year. I got action figures, helicopters, swords, ray guns and a chain saw. Dad also got a slide for my tree house. I really want a foosball table. I can get one when I’m a teenager. Nanny and Mima also got me so many toys to play with when I go at their houses.


i love to play with my hose gun and sprinkler. my friend Rivers came over and we had ice cream sundaes and then had a water fight. then we got cold and played with my toys. it was so so awesome.

i went to a concert. it was at the casino by nanny and pappy’s house. we saw debra arlyn and i think she is really pretty. i only like cool things and not pretty things but i do like her because she is so so pretty


i took this photo.

going to a beach

playing speed racer with uncle KArl

climbing trees

climbing trees with my friends ellie and amelia

22 weeeks

my dad took me to the zoo when my mom was at school. here are some pictures. i took the photos of the peacock. i didn’t see too many animals because i was too busy playing.