on the 4th of july i did so much awesome stuff. in the morning i went with my mom and dada to the ferry market for a pancake breakfast. we stood in a really really long line but my pancake was so so yummy.

then i went in more bounce houses and put on a velcro clothes that made it really hard to move. then i played dolf. then i mad presents for my great-grandmas YiaYia and Nana.

i also got to see real race cars just like speed racer and racer x. i liked looking at all the cars but really liked the fast cars the best.

after that i watched the parade which was pretty fun and mima sat with us but i started to get hungry and tired. after the parade i got to get a ice cream sandwich that was so so big and i loved it.

then we went to lola’s house and played with my new frisbees and made our own parade. we also did so many fireworks and dad even let me light one.