August 2008

i always wanted to climb to the top of a mountain. especially a volcano. we didn’t have enough time to drive to a volcano and i’m pretty scared of lava so my mom and dad took me to the tallest mountain in the universe. we drove on a scary road and went in 3 tunnels. we had a picnic too and birdies stole our food. it was very funny and awesome. then my dad and i hikeded all the way to the tippy tippy top of the biggest mountain in the whole world. it took about 15 minutes to get to the top which was really really long but i did it all by myself. dad and i watched the sunset. mom stayed in the car because the baby is still in her and she’s tired.

Mom is in the car at the bottom.


My dad took me to see Shrek the Musical in Seattle [in its pre-broadway engagement]. It was awesome! i really liked pinocchio. he’s the same guy as Johnny in Johnny and the Sprites. i also really liked the dragon. i camed with Mima too. it was really long and started way past my bed time but i stayed awake and was a good boy.

my mom and dad took me to a drive through zoo last week. it was so so so funny. we got to see zebras, llamas, bison, elk, bears, yaks, and other aminals. it was so funny when the yak sneezed on me. and really stinky.

my baby is pwobibly coming early. september 17 instead of october 5. i’m really really really excited. he has a name but we can’t tell you. it starts with a G. it’s not grover, george or any name from a kids show.