November 2008

I tan’t wait! I’m going to see Madadastar 2 today!


Well, yesterday was Halloween! It was a bestess Halloween ever because I got sooo much candy! My dad stayed home from work and we had fun. Then I got dressed up just like Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. My brother got to be an Ewok. He was so so cute!

My first stop was at my Great Grandma Nana’s house. I never got to trick or treat there before. She gave me so muts candy!

Then we went downtown to the big haunt. I saw lots of friends there and even got a chocolate eye ball. They shut down the street and the church on the corner played spooky organ music that i could hear all over town. it was really cool.

One thing that happened was there was a grown-up dressed like Darth Vader. He was surrounded by Obi-Wan and some Clone Troopers. Well, I just went up to him and attacked! We had a really awesome battle and I think Darth and the people around him were surprised by how good I could fight. I really went for it and probably saved Halloween for everyone.

I always see my friend Ellie every year. She was beautiful this year.

Next, we went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and walked to Mima’s house. She gave me an apple. AND LOTS OF CANDY! I like going on her road because all the neighbors knew my mom when she was a baby and so they give me special candy and presents that the other kids don’t get.

Then we went to Lola’s house and had delicious dinner and went trick-or-treating in her spooky old mill-town neighborhood. She was Raggedy Ann. Isn’t she cute?