The mama here again, exploiting Calder’s blog for my own motives. I have been terrible about keeping any sort of baby book for either of my children. I have neglected to record most of Calder’s milestones and cutenesses. Since this blog has become the best record we have of our kids’ lives, this post is mostly for me.

Calder has become quite a scientist lately. He is always wanting to do “unvestigations” and scientific “speriments” and frequently requests that we talk about “science things like volcanoes and gravity and evolution.” In the last few days he has become interested in our five senses. He is a little confused about them, but always manages to get his point across. Yesterday he kept talking about his “sense of ear smell” after much questioning, I finally realized that he was talking about his sense of hearing. There is nothing I enjoy more than the grammar and vocabulary of preschoolers. It is such a great demonstration of how they are understanding the world and of the connections they are making. This is one of those funny phrases I don’t want to forget– he knew he was talking about a bodily sense involving his ears and just went for it to get his point across.

Last night Calder had a hard time falling asleep. I can remember nights like that when I was his age and I would toss and turn for no reason. Korum was teaching drum lessons last night, and I really needed to use the time to work on cooking dinner for a little New Year’s Eve gathering we are hosting tonight, but instead of cooking, I spent an hour-and-a-half going back and forth between the boys settling and calming them. At one point, when they were both trying to sleep in the same room, Calder came out and told me that I should move Garner (who was sound asleep) to the bassinet in my room. “I can’t sleep because Garner is distracting me with his cuteness,” he said. Oh man, I hope I remember this someday when the boys are older and not so enamored with one another, and what a sweet cause of insomnia.

I will leave you with a photo of the sleepless boy, finally asleep at 10 PM sitting upright in a chair in the living room. Note the beloved Christmas baseball which hasn’t left his side in several days– thanks Uncle Harper.