September 2009

What a wild summer! I think we set a new world-record for craziness. It all went by in a blur, and getting online long enough to write more than a sentence or two just seemed too overwhelming. So now it’s time to play catch-up.

We tried to get out as much as possible this summer. That meant plenty of trips to one of our favorite picnic spots, Port Gamble. We found a “secret” playground and enjoyed many ice cream cones as well as the peaceful town and it became one of Sara and the kids’ favorite places to go when dad was at work.


Nanny and Pappy’s boat, S/V Gumbo Ya-Ya had to go to the yard in Ballard for some routine maintenance, so Calder got to help take the boat through the Locks. It was really fascinating to see how the water rises up and down and see all of the different kinds of boats. There was even one boat that pumps potties which is pretty funny for a five-year-old.



The Rotary Auction is a sacred holiday in the Bischoff household. This year we managed to not go too far overboard. Here’s Calder with one of his scores…


In June we went through another round of getting Garner to try to sleep on his own. After about and hour of crying, he finally fell asleep in this pose…


Dad marched with his work in the Pride Parade this year. It was a wild day for sure! Calder waved dad along on the sidewalk and was excited to see Batman and Robin. He was just confused about why they were on roller skates and in only underwear….



And that was June!


My goodness! We are sooooo behind on this blog! It has been a hectic month for sure. We’ll update soon, but in the meantime, here’s video of Calder’s Camp ZinZanni performance way back in July!