Arriving at the Johnson Farm with minutes to spare before the pie contest entry deadline.

I started this post way back in September 2009, right when things were starting to get a little bit crazy…

Yesterday was one of our favorite events of the year, the Harvest Fair on Bainbridge Island, put on by Trust for Working Landscapes at the old Johnson Farm. The fair is special because it is rather small (but growing), is all related to farming and nature, the vendors are local, and the whole thing has a very hand-made touch to it. The wildest ride there is a little riding lawn mower with a trailer. Kids line up to peel an apple. After the big Puyallup Fair, where the don’t “nickle-and-dime” you but “ten-and-twenty” you, it’s refreshing to go somewhere where most activites are free and those that aren’t are only 50 cents.

Calder on the big slide

Every year we look forward to meeting up with old friends and it seems like we know at least half of the people there. Now with Calder in Kindergarten, he’s introducing us to even more of our neighbors. Annual highlights are taking a portrait of Calder and Lola under an apple tree by the pond. It’ll get some love in Photoshop and then added to the collection. We also look forward to hanging out with John Flodin for a good part of the day. The Johnson Farm used to be his family’s and it’s great being there with him and hearing funny stories, seeing old photos and meeting his family. We usually see Rivers and the Logue gang, but this year we only saw Eric.

The annual Calder/Lola shoot

This year we had the honor of visiting with our friends (and my boss) Beth and her daughter Kate. Kate is a little charmer and they came all the way from Seattle for the day and kept us company. It was fun to show them around and give them a glimpse into our non-work lives, although I admit, it must have been hard for them because we had to keep stopping to talk to people and I’m not always the best at remembering to introduce strangers.

Calder and Kate chumming it up.

Kate on the big slide.

Catching air

The highlight of the day was Sara’s win in the pie contest for her Green Tomato pie or the “Recession Special” as she called it. Sadly, I never got to try it, but it was beautiful — perfectly golden crust with chartreuse pie filling spilling out the top. Not only did it look great, but it must have tasted delicious too because Sara was awarded a blue ribbon for her work. She’s already scheming for next year…

Isn't it beautiful?

The judging.

Sara accepting her award.